A Vendetta gone wrong

Title: A Vendetta gone wrong.
Author: moregoth
Summary: Ari and quest for revenge that didn’t turn out as he thought it would.
Spoilers: Twilight and Kill Ari.
Rating: Teen
Note: Written for the NFA-challenge: If you prick us, do we not bleed? My first challenge entry ever, so I'm both a bit nervous and excited.
Disclaimer: I’m just borrowing them for a spin.
Beta: malach ha-mavet from NFA, thank you!



Gibbs: Why, Ducky? Why Kate? Why not me?
Ducky: Well, maybe he meant to hit you.
Gibbs: No. No, him sniping at me means he’s after my people. Women first.
Ducky: Then he’s torturing you. One has to wonder: what made him such a sadist?

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More testing...  this is an old story of mine.

Title: Photographs
Author: moregoth 
Category: Angst
Pairing: Gibbs/Ziva, friendship

Summary: Ziva helps Gibbs regain his memory, an AU episode tag for Hiatus II.

Rating: Teen, I guess

Disclaimer: I’m just borrowing them for a spin, I promise to return them relatively unharmed once I’m done.
Mentions past Gibbs/Kate and Ari/Kate but it’s not the main focus.



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